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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Guitar Care

Sweet Dream guitar =)
Here are some tips to keeping your guitar protected and cared for.

1. Get a guitar case and leave your guitar in the case. I used to suggest leaving your guitar on a guitar stand because it’s easier to remember to play it when it’s in view. Accidents, including earthquakes, can happen and your guitar is more protected in a guitar case.

2. Do not leave it in a hot car. Excess heat can warp and ruin the wood.

3. In dry climates, use a humidifier. You can purchase one specifically made for guitars or make one yourself. To make one, get a small plastic container that can fit inside your guitar case. A traveling container for a bar of soap is the perfect size. Place a wet sponge in the plastic container and make some small holes in the container.

4. Keep a cotton cloth in your case, like a baby’s diaper. This is good for wiping down the instrument. Some people wipe down the guitar strings after playing. This can help to make them last longer.

5. Speaking of strings, change them when they sound dead. Your guitar will sound better. Professional players may change them every few weeks, but you’ll probably want to change them at least every 6 months or so.

6. Wash your hands before you play your guitar. Dirt from your hands can on the strings.

7. Clean the fret-board with very fine steel wool. You can clean away any dirt or grime. When the strings are all off, clean each fret.

8. Periodically polish the wood with a good guitar polish. The guitar gets clean and a well taken care of guitar is less likely to have problems.

Enjoy playing your guitar!

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