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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tips on Changing Guitar Chords Faster

When you are first learning to play the guitar, it usually takes a while to change the chords. Here are some tips to help you change to new chords much faster. Mastering this skill will make it easier to play your favorite songs.

1. Memorize the chord forms in the favorite song you are trying to learn.

2. Practice changing the chords by themselves, without singing the song.

3. If the chord is difficult, break it down into smaller units. For example, change to just a portion of the new chord. If the chord requires four fingers, change to 2 fingers of the chord, then 3 fingers of the chord, then the entire chord.

4. When you are practicing the chord changes, watch where your fingers will be moving too, not on the current chord. This is especially important for chords that are in different positions on the fingerboard.

5. When you are playing your favorite song, look at the next chords coming up in your peripheral vision.  You’ll change to the chords much faster if you are already thinking ahead before it’s time to play them.

6. Pick a strumming tempo that you can play and don’t slow it down for any chord change. Even if you aren’t quite on the new chord, this will train your hands to change faster.

7. How well you play is very connected to your mental attitude too. Be quick to ‘forgive’ yourself for any mistakes and decide that you can be a wonderful guitarist.

Of course, the very best way to start every practice session is with prayer. May God can help us accomplish wonderful things!
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